13 Jan kl. 16.42

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Mascara Waterproof Review

Makeup Review
Note: I forgot to take a photo of my eyelashes before applying mascara. That is why I will apologize for not including it. 
 Before-photos was taken at 12:38 in lunch time. One coat applied.
 After-photos was taken at 21 o'clock. Been on the beach the entire day, however, I never swam that day. 
Lacome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara claims to "lift and thicken every single lash without weighing it down," the mascara brush "provides an extremely smooth and clean application, precisely defining even your hard-to-reach corners and lower lashes," and some more informations that I am not going to mention.
My uncurled eyelashes consists of straight eyelashes. They do not drop down very badly like some asian eyelashes. I would say my eyelashes drop down with minus 5°- 10°. It is important to have a mascara that holds my curls, lengthens and volumizes. The mascara does live up to the volumized, lifted and separated lashes facts. It might not seem convincing on the pictures showed above, but if you have a good-curled-eyelash-day, you will definitely get the promised lash-look. Unfortunately, I did not apply the mascara on my lower lashes on the pictures to demostrate the result. One problem I had with applying on the lower lashes was the shape of the brush. It would make it easier for me if the brush was smaller. But when I succeed to apply properly, it did lengthen and volumize. Not only does the mascara lengthens and volumize, it also holds my curls pretty decent, does not transfer and leave mascara lumps. The first con with the mascara that I have discovered is if you are crying or the lashes comes in contact with water from time to time, it will weigh down the curl a tad. Another con is similiar to the first con; the longer you have worn the mascara, the curls will not look as defined as when you applied it in the beginning. This difference is not significant, but just a reminder. Personally, it does not affect my opinion on repurchasing the product. 
As my first mascara purchase in my life, I am very satisfied with the result and the price I paid for it (price: ~310 SEK). I will definitely repurchase the mascara.
15 Dec kl. 15.48

Korea Journey: Part IV

South Korea 2014

25 Nov kl. 19.27

Korea Journey: Part III, Myeong Dong

South Korea 2014
First breakfast in Korea
At Innisfree
Please, Korean photoshop...
 Myeong Dong underground shopping
02 Nov kl. 21.12

Korea Journey: Part II

South Korea 2014
Waiting for the express subway from Incehon Airport to Seoul Station.
The typo though.
Arrived at the hotelroom.
Went to a nearby fried chicken restaurant for a night snack.
On our way back to the hotel, we bought drinks and onigiri from a nearby convenient store.
We (my sister) ordered the spicy one.
20 Oct kl. 22.27

Throwback: Food From Food Trucks

Burger from Two buns and meat.
Sweetpotato chips topped with sea salt. 
Jamaican food which consisted of chicken and slow-cooked beef (don't remember the name).
A month and a half have passed since the summer ended. Ever since the summer ended, it has been quite some time since I was strolling around the streets with the boyfriend without feeling guilty of not studying. Thinking back to time where I got to eat a really good and satisfying slow-cooked beef. It was heavenly in my opinion. So was the sweetpotato chips. Sweetpotato fries didn't impress me with its taste nor texture, and I guess it'll never become because I don't like fries that are too soft. Good fries have to be crispy!
Two Buns and Meat is a very famous food truck and it is probably the best selling food truck. To speak frankly, as I burger-lover, I was not impressed with the taste nor the burger itself. The presentation of the burger looked presentable. It is simply overrated. On the other side, I do understand the reason of the fame. My hypothesis is the burger is cooked in a fast way yet it taste almost like the ones at the burger restaurants. I might be wrong. 
30 Jul kl. 14.19

Korea Journey: From Sweden to South Korea

South Korea 2014
Fillet of Chicken with sauted leaf spinach. The pasta was as hard as a plastic gum, however, the spinach and chicken was good! I did not get any use of the chili paste (white tube) we got.
Breakfast: scrambled eggs. The breakfast was not very satisfying at all. I had to force myself to eat it. 
About to arrive in the South Korean territory.
26 Jul kl. 19.29

Sephora in Gothenburg

The store opened at 10 AM and they offered people who purchase over 500SEK will receive a goodiebag on the opening day. The goodiebag will be handed out while the stocks last. I arrived at around 9:50 AM and the first thing I saw was an almost 100-500 metres long queue. Regardless the length of the queue, there were a lot of people queuing. I was able to enter the store at 11 AM after approximately over 100 customers exited with a goodiebag per person. My main concern was, of course, the goodiebag. I was mainly at Sephora early for the goodiebag. But luckily, I got my hands on a goodiebag. My hypthesis was they had a lot of goodiebags, that'll probably be sufficient for almost every Sephora customers that day.
Sephora Lingzhi mask, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara (travel size), Sephora Waterproof Eye makeup remover (travel size), Sephora nail polish, Sephora lip balm, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation in Punjab (sample size).
I have not calculated the value of the goodiebag. Was the goodiebag satisfying? Yes, in some way.
You will probably wonder what brands Sephora provides: Too Faced, NARS, Benefit, Sephora, YSL, Dior, Guerlain, Ole Henriksen, Caudalie, etc.
These are the brands I rememberred clearly. And no, they did not have Urban Decay. I am not a big fan of Urban Decay yet, but I wished they had Hourglass, Becca and Kat Von D. 
I look forward to gain more experiences as a customer at Sephora and what they will offer in the near future!
20 Jul kl. 17.16

Haikyuu!" Season One

Anime/Manga, Otaku Life
photo credits: link
"Haikyuu!" is an anime about high school volleyball club that fights for an invitation to the national championship. Just like most of the sports, being a strong as a team will not only bring you victory, but also fulfilling the team's goal. However, there will always be a team that is stronger than your team and it might not bring what you wished or hoped. The only way to surpass the team that defeated you, is to work harder and evolve. 
"Haikyuu!" focuses mostly on Hinata, Shouyou and Kageyama, Tobio. They have the opposite personalities and have had different experiences from junior high school. As the days pass, the viewers get to see how they will work together as a team, with the team, and evolve as individuals. 
I watched the first episode of "Haikyuu!" last year and I stop watching it for no peculiar reason. I picked up the anime again and rewatched it because I got to watch it with someone. Watching with someone forces me to continue the entire series and it worked. 
Lately, I have been into anime about sports. Personally, I am not someone who sports, nor do I watch sports matches, e.g. football, tennis, the Olympic Games. I guess the reason being for liking specifically anime about sports is because I prefer anime. Anime is much more fun to watch, in my opinion. 
What I like about "Haikyuu!" is that it has a very good pace. The pace is how every anime should be. I do notice some fillers that appears hither and thither, but it is passable. And yes, the anime is based on manga, like most of the anime do. To make me like an anime, I have to like 90% of the characters. I like every single character from "Haikyuu!" and surprisingly, there isn't a character I dislike yet. All the characters have their own personalities and charms, and they are so different. And I happen to fall instantly in love with main characters that have a silly personality. Sigh, I am sometimes hopepless when I talk about anime. 
Lastly, I'll continue to watch the second season, which will be released on fall. I rated 9/10 on "Haikyuu!"
Give it a try (minimum 3-4 episodes), and you might like it, or not. 
19 Jul kl. 12.09


My friends and I were at Tylösand at the beginning of July, which was hottest week of the summer. I took advantage of my boyfriend's driving license and access to a car, and made him drive us to Tylösand. The day was very fun and I enjoyed a lot. The unfortunate was I brought my camera, but didn't remember to put SD-card in the camera. I ended up snapping pictures with my cellphone. To tell you the truth, the quality of my cellphone turns out to be really crispy quality on the blog. It explains why I only uploaded one picture for this blog post. 

One thing I enjoyed the most in Tylösand was paddling board. Yes, you can rent paddling board for 100-150SEK. 
30 minutes for 100SEK
1 hour for 150SEK
Well, I think the paddling board can fit in with maximum 2 people, but we were 5 people and "forced" 4 people on the board. One person was standing and paddled, and 3 people were passangers. 
The road to Tylösand was smooth, and we stop by the fast food restaurant, MAX, to grab something to eat before arriving Tylösand. The restaurant was placed between Falkenberg and Tylösand. Probably 20-30 minutes away from Tylösand. We did not have to worry about the parking lot, because it was empty. Not ony that, we arrived at the restaurant around 11AM.
I will definitely go back to Tylösand next year!
22 Apr kl. 14.35

Strolling Around

 My boyfriend and me were strolling around the town since it was first time of the year it was so sunny and warm at the same time (~15° Celsius). We just have to take advantage of those days when it’s warm and sunny, plus this is the period where the cherry blossoms are either blooming or fully bloomed. It makes my day even brighter.  


18 Apr kl. 13.21

Impatience Leads to Unwanted Result

My lastest attempt to apply nail polish and let it dry in the shortest amount of time became a failure. I ended up ruining my nails by moving around and left it with unattractive patterns. Today is my second attempt to apply nail polish with two coats. I usually skip the second coat due to my impatience and laziness. I can't agree more about the polish looks better with two coats. However, with the mind set of thinking I successed painting my nails with patience and wit became a failure. Having one of your nails left with such an ugly pattern is the worst thing with drying your nails. I will either leave it or remove it, I have not decided yet.
The color of the polish is the perfect pale pink yet white in a way. One thing I have noticed is the color will turn gradually into a pinkier color and that is not what I want. It is a love-hate relationship between me and the nail polish. VB x Nails inc.'s bamboo white collection is definitely a color I want to try since a lot of social media "friends" have hyped about the product so much. 
20 Feb kl. 00.31

Unemployed and Greedy

A throwback thursday on me waiting for my freshly sugar cane juice in Ewha Womans University, Korea.

I have been unemployed for a good one month. Back in the days when I was employed and earned some money, I spent actually quite an amount of money on things I wanted, and some purchases were impulsive. Today's situation does not look like my old times, where I got to spent freely on things I want to buy. Not getting a montly pay anymore makes me realize the way I have spent my money was reckless. To be honest, I have never been a very economic-friendly person to my wallet, and probably would not until I have a child, husband or family. But one thing I am sure to do: to increase the numbers on my savings account. 
I want to explore the world. I want to travel around countries, cities, and try different cuisines. Buy myself a DSLR. And the list keeps piling. There are so much things I want to do, therefore, a savings account is crucial. Two keys to unlock everything are: work hard and patience.
I do not know where this post is getting to, but I wanted to write something out of my mind and this was what my fingers typed out. 
Time for me to get some sleep. Good night...
13 Feb kl. 16.45

Visionary And Realist

My realization to each day flies faster than the preceding day is pretty scary. People say: “Times flies when you are having fun.” This statement does not fit my daily agendas because they are not what I would define as ‘fun’. What makes it even scarier is the future. I like to mention about the future and I sometimes call myself a visionary with a negative feeling attached to the word. 

Failure is the main reason to the scariness. Personally, I do not like to set up too high hopes on my goals and plans because things will not always turn as bright as our imaginations. That is why I also like to call myself a realist. However, putting to much effort on thinking about the future will actually make me lose my value on the presents. You should “live each day as if it was your last.” That is not what I have been doing, but I have been trying to “make each day as memorable as possible and take each day as it comes” and will continue to do so.

Now, time to eat before heading out and start my Friday:)...

05 Feb kl. 12.54

Back And Forth

I have been changing my blog platforms (once), keep creating new blogs with new addresses, and simply dubious about where my comfort zone is. At last, I have decided to return to Blogg.se and continue to share my journey with you (with a lot of hiatus in between). I might reject this blog and create a new one again or change new place to blog. We never know. But from now on, Blogg.se is where I belong to.
This is a Swedish platform and you might wonder if I will write in Swedish? No, I won't. I will keep writing in English. 
Thank you for sticking with me, I hope I got to share with you more than I have been doing in the past years. See you soon!