Burger from Two buns and meat.
Sweetpotato chips topped with sea salt. 
Jamaican food which consisted of chicken and slow-cooked beef (don't remember the name).
A month and a half have passed since the summer ended. Ever since the summer ended, it has been quite some time since I was strolling around the streets with the boyfriend without feeling guilty of not studying. Thinking back to time where I got to eat a really good and satisfying slow-cooked beef. It was heavenly in my opinion. So was the sweetpotato chips. Sweetpotato fries didn't impress me with its taste nor texture, and I guess it'll never become because I don't like fries that are too soft. Good fries have to be crispy!
Two Buns and Meat is a very famous food truck and it is probably the best selling food truck. To speak frankly, as I burger-lover, I was not impressed with the taste nor the burger itself. The presentation of the burger looked presentable. It is simply overrated. On the other side, I do understand the reason of the fame. My hypothesis is the burger is cooked in a fast way yet it taste almost like the ones at the burger restaurants. I might be wrong.