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"Haikyuu!" is an anime about high school volleyball club that fights for an invitation to the national championship. Just like most of the sports, being a strong as a team will not only bring you victory, but also fulfilling the team's goal. However, there will always be a team that is stronger than your team and it might not bring what you wished or hoped. The only way to surpass the team that defeated you, is to work harder and evolve. 
"Haikyuu!" focuses mostly on Hinata, Shouyou and Kageyama, Tobio. They have the opposite personalities and have had different experiences from junior high school. As the days pass, the viewers get to see how they will work together as a team, with the team, and evolve as individuals. 
I watched the first episode of "Haikyuu!" last year and I stop watching it for no peculiar reason. I picked up the anime again and rewatched it because I got to watch it with someone. Watching with someone forces me to continue the entire series and it worked. 
Lately, I have been into anime about sports. Personally, I am not someone who sports, nor do I watch sports matches, e.g. football, tennis, the Olympic Games. I guess the reason being for liking specifically anime about sports is because I prefer anime. Anime is much more fun to watch, in my opinion. 
What I like about "Haikyuu!" is that it has a very good pace. The pace is how every anime should be. I do notice some fillers that appears hither and thither, but it is passable. And yes, the anime is based on manga, like most of the anime do. To make me like an anime, I have to like 90% of the characters. I like every single character from "Haikyuu!" and surprisingly, there isn't a character I dislike yet. All the characters have their own personalities and charms, and they are so different. And I happen to fall instantly in love with main characters that have a silly personality. Sigh, I am sometimes hopepless when I talk about anime. 
Lastly, I'll continue to watch the second season, which will be released on fall. I rated 9/10 on "Haikyuu!"
Give it a try (minimum 3-4 episodes), and you might like it, or not.