Note: I forgot to take a photo of my eyelashes before applying mascara. That is why I will apologize for not including it. 
 Before-photos was taken at 12:38 in lunch time. One coat applied.
 After-photos was taken at 21 o'clock. Been on the beach the entire day, however, I never swam that day. 
Lacome Hypnose Doll Lashes Mascara claims to "lift and thicken every single lash without weighing it down," the mascara brush "provides an extremely smooth and clean application, precisely defining even your hard-to-reach corners and lower lashes," and some more informations that I am not going to mention.
My uncurled eyelashes consists of straight eyelashes. They do not drop down very badly like some asian eyelashes. I would say my eyelashes drop down with minus 5°- 10°. It is important to have a mascara that holds my curls, lengthens and volumizes. The mascara does live up to the volumized, lifted and separated lashes facts. It might not seem convincing on the pictures showed above, but if you have a good-curled-eyelash-day, you will definitely get the promised lash-look. Unfortunately, I did not apply the mascara on my lower lashes on the pictures to demostrate the result. One problem I had with applying on the lower lashes was the shape of the brush. It would make it easier for me if the brush was smaller. But when I succeed to apply properly, it did lengthen and volumize. Not only does the mascara lengthens and volumize, it also holds my curls pretty decent, does not transfer and leave mascara lumps. The first con with the mascara that I have discovered is if you are crying or the lashes comes in contact with water from time to time, it will weigh down the curl a tad. Another con is similiar to the first con; the longer you have worn the mascara, the curls will not look as defined as when you applied it in the beginning. This difference is not significant, but just a reminder. Personally, it does not affect my opinion on repurchasing the product. 
As my first mascara purchase in my life, I am very satisfied with the result and the price I paid for it (price: ~310 SEK). I will definitely repurchase the mascara.