22 Apr kl. 14.35

Strolling Around

 My boyfriend and me were strolling around the town since it was first time of the year it was so sunny and warm at the same time (~15° Celsius). We just have to take advantage of those days when it’s warm and sunny, plus this is the period where the cherry blossoms are either blooming or fully bloomed. It makes my day even brighter.  


18 Apr kl. 13.21

Impatience Leads to Unwanted Result

My lastest attempt to apply nail polish and let it dry in the shortest amount of time became a failure. I ended up ruining my nails by moving around and left it with unattractive patterns. Today is my second attempt to apply nail polish with two coats. I usually skip the second coat due to my impatience and laziness. I can't agree more about the polish looks better with two coats. However, with the mind set of thinking I successed painting my nails with patience and wit became a failure. Having one of your nails left with such an ugly pattern is the worst thing with drying your nails. I will either leave it or remove it, I have not decided yet.
The color of the polish is the perfect pale pink yet white in a way. One thing I have noticed is the color will turn gradually into a pinkier color and that is not what I want. It is a love-hate relationship between me and the nail polish. VB x Nails inc.'s bamboo white collection is definitely a color I want to try since a lot of social media "friends" have hyped about the product so much.